Team tools

Which of the following tools do you regularly use?

Which Continuous integration (CI) systems do you regularly use?

Which Issue tracking systems do you regularly use?

Which Version control services do you regularly use?

To learn more about Issue tracking tools, check out our research report Issue Tracking Tools Review 2019 by JetBrains

Which Version control systems do you regularly use?

Where do you keep your source code?

How do you prefer to work with a version control system (Git, SVN, etc.)

Do you use any of the following tools in the cloud?

Which of the following communication tools do you regularly use for work?

Space is an integrated team environment that provides teams and organizations with the tools they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Space includes chats, teams, blogs, meetings, source code management, code reviews, packages, issues, and more. Learn more about Space and join the free public Beta.

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