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This year we’ve added a new section, Lifestyle. Developers were asked questions regarding their life habits, patterns of information seeking, and charitable practices. Respondents were given the option of choosing whether to complete this section, and ultimately about two-thirds of them filled it out.

Start of the Day

Most developers start their working day before noon and easily wake up with an alarm.

What time do you usually start your working day?

Do you snooze the alarm in the morning?

How many hours a week do you spend coding for your day job (or primary activity)?

How much time do you spend on personal programming or side projects not related to your day job or primary activity?

Digital Life

Developers are really concerned about private data collection. With respect to their sources of information, they use community forums, social networks, and news websites. Most of them have an account on GitHub. Most developers read professional materials on personal smartphones. Half of the developers we surveyed do not trust artificial intelligence. Just 16% have some cryptocurrency, and 65% prefer laptops.

How do you feel about personal data collection?

A mere 11% of the developers we surveyed don’t care about personal data collection. But only half of the developers who are concerned about personal data collection take steps to make sure their data stays private.

Do you use your smartphone to read professional materials?

What sources of information do you use in general?

If your country’s government replaced your courts with AI (artificial intelligence) would you trust it?

Do you possess cryptocurrency?

Do you prefer laptops or desktops?

Event Participation

The vast majority of developers attend conferences in order to gain new knowledge. Developers attend events of different types with the same frequency: conferences, meetups, user groups, etc. Local meetups are the most popular type of event, as 35% of the developers visited them.

What are some of your reasons for attending conferences?

How often have you attended each of the following types of events in 2018 and 2019?

Do you visit local meetups?

Domestic life

Most developers do not have pets, but cat and dog lovers are evenly represented among those that do. Developers do not separate work and hobbies. Indeed, most of our respondents share the same hobby – programming. Almost 60% practice programming in their free time.

Do you have a pet?

What hobbies do you pursue in your free time?

Please choose up to 3

Charitable Giving

Half of the respondents contribute to charity. The most popular motive for charitable giving is the desire to make the world and the community better places to live in. Among those who practice any type of charity, most donate from time to time and volunteer. Most developers care for the environment, help children, and fight social inequality.

Do you contribute to charity in any way?

What motivates you to volunteer, donate your time and money, and support charitable causes?

What charitable practices do you participate in?

What areas are of most importance for you in your charitable practices?

Please choose up to 3

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