These questions were shown to the developers who chose either JavaScript, TypeScript, or CoffeeScript as the first of their three primary programming languages.

Breakdown of respondents by main language

The popularity of TypeScript has been growing steadily throughout the last few years. While in 2017 it was actively used by 12% of developers, and was the primary language for 1% of them, in 2020 these numbers have grown to 28% and 12%, respectively.

What JavaScript frameworks do you regularly use, if any?

React is still the most popular framework. Moreover, its share has grown by 10 percentage points since last year. Meanwhile, Vue.js has lost 7 percentage points over the last year, but it still occupies the third position, after Express, by a comfortable margin.

Interesting fact

Angular is used primarily by TypeScript developers (42% of them), while only 17% of JavaScript developers use it.

What editor or IDE do you mostly use?

Please note that CoffeeScript has been excluded due to the small number of respondents who selected it.

What module loaders do you regularly use?

of JavaScript developers use module loaders in their work.

Which unit-testing frameworks or tools do you regularly use, if any?

This question was only answered by respondents who use unit tests.

What style sheet languages and approaches do you regularly use?

Interesting fact

The CSS style sheet language is the most popular choice among JavaScript developers, while first place among TypeScript developers goes to the SCSS approach, with 59%.

Do you use GraphQL in any way?

Are any of your projects organized as monorepo?

34% of the respondents prefer to organize their projects as monorepo. However, there are also differences between the languages: for TypeScript users this number is 45%, while for JavaScript users it is only 30%.

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