This is the first year in which we asked R users additional questions. All respondents who selected R as one of the languages they had used in the last 12 months were questioned. Keep in mind that our survey targeted developers, while a lot of R users don’t identify themselves as such.

Which version of R do you mainly use?

There are a lot of people who did not know the version of R they use. Also, there is no specific old version to which users are attached.

What R distribution do you use?

The vast majority of R users do not use alternative distributions.

What do you use R for?

Which of the following packages do you use with R regularly?

The most popular libraries are for visualization (ggplot2, plotly) and for data wrangling (dplyr, data.table).

Which form of R code do you use?

What do you use to execute R code?

Most R users execute their code on local machines.

What IDE do you use to code R?

For years, RStudio has been the most popular IDE for R. Things can change quickly, however. Would you like to try PyCharm with the R plugin? It is completely free with PyCharm Community Edition.

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