These questions were only shown to the developers who chose Java as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which versions of Java do you regularly use?

Despite the emergence of newer versions, Java 8 is still most beloved. It is used by three fourths of Java developers. Java 11 is growing more popular. Compared to last year, its usage has increased by 10 percentage points. The newer Java 12 and Java 13 are quickly finding their audiences. They are both regularly used by 10% or more of the developers we surveyed.

What application servers do you regularly use?

Even though Apache Tomcat has lost several percentage points compared to last year’s survey, it is still the dominant application server.

Which frameworks do you use as an alternative to an application server?

How do you package your web applications?

This question was only answered by respondents who used application servers or frameworks as alternatives to application servers.

75% of Java developers use unit tests in their projects. JUnit (83%) and Mockito (43%) are still the most popular solutions.

What web frameworks do you use?

Spring Boot is the leader, but there’s also a fun fact hidden in the results. The percentage of developers using Spring MVC’s has not changed since last year’s survey.

Despite the popularity of Maven (71%) and Gradle (48%), 9% of Java developers still prefer Ant for building their projects.

Which versions of Java Enterprise specifications do you regularly use?

Which JVM profilers do you regularly use?

Which IDE or editor do you use the most for Java development?

What types of software do you develop with Java?

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