Questions in this section were shown to the developers who chose Rust as one of their languages.

How do you use Rust?

Rust is still primarily a hobbyist language. Also, 80% of our respondents have been using Rust for less than 6 months.

Which languages do you use in projects along with Rust?

Last year, 42% of Rust developers used additional languages on the same projects they used Rust. This year that figure has gone up to 51%, which suggests Rust is being gradually adopted for professional use on multi-language projects.

How does your Rust code interact with the other parts?

What IDE or editors do you primarily use when writing Rust code?

CLion’s share has tripled over the year. Vim has lost nine percentage points and dropped to fourth place.

How do you usually debug your Rust code?

What profiling tools do you use for Rust?

What kind of projects do you develop in Rust?

What platform do you target with your Rust projects?

Interestingly, Windows’ share has risen by 15 percentage points.

On which operating systems are your development environments?

How many developers work on your Rust codebase?

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