Create a Project from GitHub

Let PyCharm do the work to clone and setup a project hosted on GitHub.

From repo to project in no time.

You need to evaluate a project. You need to get a fork. You're always
getting code. Let PyCharm do the clone and make the project.

In Depth

We all consume a lot of code. Alas, it's a number of steps to get all that code from GH, into a directory, and opened in the IDE.

Let the IDE help out. If you have your GitHub credentials in your preferences, a few easy steps in the IDE will get you going.

First, in the PyCharm menu, choose VCS | Checkout from Version Control | Git . You can also skip the keyboard by invoking Find Action and speed searching for ch ve.

This brings up the Clone Repository dialog. In the URL field, speed search some letters in the repo name. The IDE looks across all the organizations that you are in, your personal account, and repos that you're a collaborator for.

If the repo you want isn't on GitHub, paste a URL in here.

In the directory field, supply the path and name of the directory this should clone into.

After answering the dialogs to get the repo and open in a window, your project is ready.

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