Make and Extend Selection Using Keyboard

Use the keyboard to select blocks of code then extend/shrink the selection.

Want to select code and remain keyboard-centric?

PyCharm has actions and keybindings to quickly select code, semantically, through scopes and across languages. Extend and shrink selections with ease.

In Depth

In coding, we select code and operate on it. For example, move it to another line, change its indentation, etc.

You can use your mouse to make your selection. Or, use the keyboard.

For example, use Move Caret to Previous Word with Selection (Shift-Ctrl-Left/Right Win/Linux, Alt-Shift-Left/Right macOS) to (a) move the cursor forward or backward a word, while (b) expanding the selection along the way. Want to select three words? Do it three times.

In Python code you frequently want to gradually expand a selection from where the cursor is at: the symbol, then the substatement, then the full statement, then the line, then the block, etc. Extend Selection (Ctrl-W or Shift-Ctrl-W Win/Linux, Alt-Up/Down macOS) is ideal. It works semantically. Keep pressing it until you get the selection you want. Go too far? Do the inverse to shrink the selection.

Without using the mouse.

Finally, PyCharm also supports multiselection aka multiple carets.

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