Quick Documentation

View arguments and documentation without interrupting your flow.

Want to learn what a symbol is about, without going to a browser?

The IDE knows the symbol, its argument names/types/defaults, the docstring. Let it give you a non-interrupting window, letting you get back to work.

In Depth

We frequently encounter code that we're not sure about. Other people's code. Heck, even our code. Sometimes we just want the arguments for a function. Other times we want to know positional versus keyword args. Or the types of the arguments. Or their default values. Or a nice rendered docstring.

PyCharm has several facilities for showing you documentation about a symbol.

First, Quick Documentation (Ctrl-P Win/Linux, F1 macOS) brings non-obtrusive inline popup showing all that information, with a hyperlink where you can navigate to the definition. Press it again and the popup turns into a tool window which updates for each symbol that you land on. Always there, always helping...until you want to hide it, like any other IDE tool window.

Want the full docs in a browser, but don't want to hunt around to find it? For many popular packages, External Documentation (Shift-F1 Win/Linux/macOS) brings up a browser on the documentation page for that symbol.

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