Automating Observability With Roslyn Source Generators

Denis Ekart

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Collecting logs, traces, and metrics in .NET applications has become a breeze recently. With support for automatic instrumentation and an increasing number of libraries starting to generate telemetry signals, it's easier than ever to build observable software.

Manually instrumenting your existing software can be a pain, though. Instead of spending valuable time on this, what if we let the Roslyn compiler do it for us?

Join Denis in a fun coding session, where we will automate the process of instrumenting our codebase using Roslyn source generators. We will implement a well-known structural design pattern using incremental source generators and a sprinkle of OpenTelemetry.

About the Presenter

Denis Ekart

Denis Ekart is a Lead Software Engineer at 13|37. He is a highly driven and innovative engineer with nearly a decade of professional experience in software design and development. His primary interests include designing and building performant cloud-native solutions. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the .NET ecosystem, including ample experience in cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure.

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