xUnit Expanded - Better Testing With xUnit

Daniel Ward

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xUnit is one of the most-used testing tools for C#, yet its full capability often goes underutilized. Unfortunately, there isn't much guidance or documentation for developers in terms of what libraries to use with xUnit or some of the more uncommon functionality of xUnit itself, keeping much of its use limited to the realm of learned experience. This talk will cover some xUnit tips and tricks that come from just that: learned experience. You'll learn how to make tests easier to write and more robust, as well as other helpful libraries that can be used in tandem with xUnit to unlock its full potential.

About the Presenter

Daniel Ward

Daniel is a software consultant at Lean TECHniques who helps teams deliver high-quality software by adopting various agile and lean practices, such as CI/CD, automated testing, and cloud development. With experience in developing software and consulting teams across several industries, his titles have included Technical Coach, Agile Coach, Tech Lead, and Software Developer. He finds professional fulfillment by working with others to understand their individual problems, improve their products, and help them to enjoy their jobs. The .NET ecosystem is where Daniel feels most at home.

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