Full support of Mermaid syntax

Seamlessly integrate, create, and visualize Mermaid diagrams

The Mermaid plugin provides comprehensive Mermaid syntax support, including syntax highlighting, code completion, and navigation tools. It is compatible with .mmd and .mermaid file types, and it also allows you to embed and render Mermaid diagrams within Markdown files.


You can choose between the following installation options:

  • In the IDE, go to Settings | Plugins, search for the Mermaid plugin, and click Install.
  • In the IDE, click Install plugin in the notification panel when editing .mmd or .mermaid files.
  • In the IDE, click the Install Mermaid plugin icon that appears in the gutter in Markdown files.
  • Download the plugin directly from the JetBrains Marketplace and install it by using the following procedure.

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