Run Target support via WSL

Run your application or tests in Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with ease

Run Targets are a new IDE feature that allows you to run code in environments where GoLand is not installed.

How to use: If a target already exists, select it from the Run on field in a Run Configuration, then run that configuration.

If not targets exist, then click on Manage Targets, next to the Run on field.

Then, click + (macOS) / Plus (Windows/Linux) and select in which environment you want to run the application or test.

After the IDE introspects that environment, click on Next, confirm the environment settings, and click OK.

Then select the newly created target in the Run on field.

Configure any additional options, and, finally, run the configuration as with any other.

Pro tip: If you want to compile your sources in a remote environment, then select the Build on remote environment option from the Run Configuration settings.

Pro tip: You choose to compile on the local machine. This means you don't have to worry about the dependencies being available in that environment.

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