A list of shortcuts used in the tutorial

This tutorial includes some shortcuts, but many more were demonstrated in the video and not all of them were mentioned here:

Name macOS Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Add a new dependency from inside the Maven pom.xml file ⌘N Alt+Insert
Load Maven configuration changes ⇧⌘I Ctrl+Shift+O
Rebuild a project ⌘F9 Ctrl+F9
Run the current context - a single test if you're inside a method, or all tests in a package if a package is selected ⌃⇧R Ctrl+Shift+F10
Commit changes ⌘0 Ctrl+0
IntelliJ IDEA Settings ⌘, Ctrl+Alt+S
Exclude changes from refactoring Delete
Include previously excluded changes ⇧⌫ Shift+Delete
Find action ⌘⇧A Ctrl+Shift+A
Find in Files ⇧⌘F Shift+Ctrl+F
Run Anything ⌃⌃ Ctrl+Ctrl

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