Summary and shortcuts

Everything we covered in this tutorial including help links and shortcuts.


IntelliJ IDEA’s terminal window is a powerful and helpful tool for developers. It keeps our attention in the same tools which reduces context switching. It makes it easy for us to share things between the editor and the command line. The terminal is integrated allowing us to easily move from the project code to the terminal and back again, and it also can show us alternative ways of doing the same thing, using the IDE’s version of the command line tool.

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Shortcuts Used

Here are some of the shortcuts that we used and some additional ones that you can try out.

Name macOS Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Add a new file in the Project Window ⌘N Alt+Insert
Open the Search everywhere dialog ⇧⇧ Shift+Shift
Open a second terminal tab ⌘T Ctrl+Shift+T
Move between the different tabs ⌘⇧ or ⌘⇧ Alt+← or Alt+→
Switch between splits ⌥⇥ Ctrl+Tab
Close splits ⌘W Ctrl+F4
Open the terminal window ⌥F12 Alt+F12

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