Documenting the Web Platform

Florian Scholz

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The Open Web Docs collective is sponsored by a community of people and companies who care about docs for the Web platform. In this talk, we are going to explore how the Web gets documented at MDN Web Docs and how we'd imagine documentation to appear within a broader context of developers' workflows.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:51 About Open Web Docs
  • 01:49 The values of Open Web Docs
  • 03:18 What does Open Web Docs do?
  • 04:40 MDN's move to GitHub
  • 07:32 HTML vs. Markdown
  • 08:54 What does MDN document?
  • 10:06 What is actually documentation?
  • 12:04 Reference documentation vs. specification
  • 13:19 A typical MDN reference page
  • 15:16 Browser compatibility data
  • 16:25 IDEs and DevTools
  • 17:22 Specification data
  • 18:38 How to contribute

About the Presenter

Florian Scholz, Content Lead at Open Web Docs

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