Visual, standalone, bite-sized learning resources organized into different categories.

Grammar Checking with Grazie
Use Grazie to check grammar in regular text.
Test Regular Expressions in the IDE
WebStorm helps test regular expressions on the fly.
Tool Window View Mode
Learn how to change the default view mode of a tool window.
Create New Files and Folders
Use the New popup to add files and folders faster.
Share Run Configurations
How to export and share your project’s run configurations in WebStorm.
Quickly Sort Lines
Sort lines of code in your editor alphabetically.
Simplify Boolean Expression
How to simplify a complex boolean expression in WebStorm.
Show CSS Color Preview
How to display a CSS color in the background in WebStorm.
Replace with Template String
How to replace a regular string with a template literal in WebStorm.
Remove Tags Faster
How to quickly remove HTML tags in WebStorm.
Optimize Imports
Quickly remove any unused imports and more.
Open New Projects Quickly
How to use drag and drop to open a new project in WebStorm.