htmx: Writing JavaScript to Avoid Writing JavaScript

Carson Gross

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And now for something completely different. In this talk, we will look at htmx, a JavaScript library written to avoid writing JavaScript. We'll discuss the motivation for such a creation and then look at some of the features and implementations of htmx. We will close with a brief look at how people are using the JavaScript library I wrote to avoid writing JavaScript to write JavaScript.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 03:10 A brief history of web dev
  • 06:47 JavaScript: origins
  • 08:05 The modern age
  • 08:45 Back to hypermedia
  • 11:06 What is htmx
  • 13:12 htmx demo
  • 15:55 Back to JavaScript
  • 17:47 Conclusion

About the Presenter

Carson Gross, Creator of htmx

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