TC39 Demystified

Ujjwal Sharma

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JavaScript boasts of one of the most vibrant and diverse programmer communities, with a diverse set of needs and opinions about what the future of the language should be. In the middle of all of this effort, sits TC39. However, TC39 needs to take all stakeholders into account, including not only TC39 members but also the greater JavaScript community. This includes you!

What tools and techniques does TC39 employ to ensure that everyone has a voice during this process, and how can you make the best of them to interact and get involved? By the end of this talk, you will have a better idea of how TC39 operates and how you can voice your opinions and criticisms through the proper channels and affect what the future of your favorite programming language holds.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:52 About TC39
  • 04:44 Who is TC39?
  • 07:01 Where do things happen?
  • 08:05 What do TC39 members do?
  • 11:53 When does all this happen?
  • 14:58 How do things happen?
  • 17:33 Stage process
  • 20:46 Building consensus
  • 23:08 A deeper look into stage process
  • 27:01 Conclusion

About the Presenter

Ujjwal Sharma, Compilers Hacker at Igalia

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