I Would Never Use an ORM

Matteo Collina

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What's an ORM? An Object-Relational Mapping tool (ORM) is a library for mapping a SQL table to a Class. In most cases, ORMs force the users to structure their code to have Model objects that include both data access and business logic.

Once upon a time, I did several projects using ORMs, as I followed the common belief that they would simplify the development and maintenance of projects. I was wrong. ORMs are often a hurdle to overcome for the most complex part of a project.

As the next stop of my journey, I recommended people use the native languages of their databases, e.g., SQL. This works great for the most part, but it creates quite a struggle: there is a lot of boilerplate code to write that can be quite tedious. I was wrong, again.

Today I'm presenting you something new.

About the Presenter

Matteo Collina, Co-Founder & CTO at Platformatic

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