Reword Commit Message

Change the wording in your last commit message, after you committed.

Fix that message.

It always happens: as soon as you click Commit, you spot the typo in the message or remember a change. Use the VCS Log's Reword to fix it.

In Depth

It happens all the time. You write a commit message and click Commit, just as you spot a typo or realize you forgot something in the message. And since memorizing arcane VCS command-line switches isn't your thing, well, that typo is just going to have to tolerated.

Let the IDE help.

If you haven't pushed the commit, it is easy to recover from this. Go to the Version Control tab (Alt-9 Win/Linux, Cmd-9 macOS) and click the Log tab in its window.

You'll see a list of commits. In this case you want the first one. Either right-click on it and choose Reword or select it (it's probably already selected) and hit F2. Then click Ok.

Exactly what an IDE should be for: take something arcane and make it visible, obvious, and easy.

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