What’s new 2021.2 (June)

With its first public release, Datalore Enterprise introduces a smart environment for Jupyter notebooks that can be hosted privately on-premises or in a private cloud. Previously, Datalore had only been available for personal use in the cloud, hosted by JetBrains.

Key features

Smart coding assistance for Python

Datalore features code insight from PyCharm. It includes code completion, in-app documentation, refactorings, and quick-fixes. This helps you to write higher quality code with less cognitive load, allowing you to concentrate on generating business results. Learn more here.

Real-time collaboration on projects

You can share a notebook, or even a whole workspace, in just a few clicks. All you need to do is configure role permissions and invite your colleagues by sending them a link or an email invitation. The environment, data, and other attachments will be shared automatically. Collaboration happens in real time, completely inside your network! Learn more here.

Environment manager

You can set up multiple default team environments, and individual users can further dynamically modify the package list for each notebook using Datalore’s Library manager. Learn more here.

Custom computational resources and internal usage plans

You can connect any type of server hardware you are already using and make it accessible to users from Datalore’s interface. Moreover, you can set up internal usage plans to control the resource usage of your team members. Learn more here.

Kubernetes and AWS setups

    Two installation types are currently available:
  • Inside a Kubernetes cluster
  • Inside a private AWS account

The installation process includes installing and configuring a JetBrains Hub instance for user authentication and a Datalore on-premises instance. For more information, check out our Installation documentation.

Custom SSO options

Datalore comes with JetBrains Hub – a tool that allows you to configure almost any possible method of user authentication. So to start their daily work, your team members just need to follow your Datalore link, log in to an app, and start working!