From C# to Python – 10 Things I Learned Along the Way

Tess Ferrandez

Sooner or later you will probably use Python in one of your projects, either for data science or scripting. Python is a very easy language to learn. It is very versatile, and non-prescriptive. This is its strength, but unfortunately it makes it incredibly easy to fall into pitfalls of writing code and structuring projects in a way that is hard to read, maintain, and test.

As a C# developer, you may be tempted to write code in a C# style, not using all the goodness Python has to offer, and writing code that is less performant and uses more resources than good Python code. This session is a journey through things I have learned over the last few years, writing production code in Python, so that you don't have to re-live my mistakes.

About the Presenter

Tess Ferrandez is Software Engineer at Microsoft currently focusing on Machine Learning.