Best Practices for Using async and await

Damir Arh

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The async and await keywords have been a part of the C# programming language for a long time. Despite that, they still hide traps that not only beginners but also more experienced developers occasionally fall into.

In this talk, I will present some of the most common mistakes we can make when writing asynchronous code and show ways to avoid them.


About the Presenter

Damir Arh, Microsoft MVP, Razum d.o.o.

Damir Arh has many years of experience with software development and maintenance; from complex enterprise software projects to modern consumer-oriented mobile applications. Although he has worked with a wide spectrum of different languages, his favorite language remains C#. In his drive towards better development processes, he is a proponent of test-driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. He shares his knowledge by speaking at local user groups and conferences, blogging, and writing articles. He has received the prestigious Microsoft MVP award for developer technologies 9 times in a row.

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