Containerize .NET Apps and deploy to Kubernetes

Martin Beeby

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Packaging software into containers gives your code everything needed to run with consistency from your laptop into production. But how do you run containers at scale in the cloud? In this session, learn how to run containerized .NET applications in production on AWS. We show you how to run containers on Kubernetes with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). We also demonstrate the benefits of running .NET 5 Linux containers serverlessly with AWS Fargate. We cover core concepts and use demos to help you feel comfortable getting started with building and deploying .NET containerized applications on AWS.

About the Presenter

Martin Beeby, Principal .NET Advocate, AWS

As a Principal advocate for Amazon Web Services, Martin travels the world showcasing the transformational capabilities of AWS. In his career, Martin has spoken at over 250 events and meetups as well as producing, blogs, tutorials and broadcasts.

Martin has been developing applications since he was 16 and over the past 20 years has worked on projects with many major companies and brands.

His primary focus is on .NET applications and has worked as a C# and VB developer since 2001.

Prior to joining AWS, Martin worked for Oracle and Microsoft as a developer evangelist and software development engineer.

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