Create Web APIs with ASP.NET Core Using Outside In TDD

Pedro Moreira Santos

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In this session, I live-code a web API with ASP.NET Core from the business perspective with tests that won't get in the way. Starting from some requirements and the acceptance criteria, I write one acceptance test driving the outer loop of our test suite. I then use it as feedback for the progress of the implementation of the feature until it is completed, using unit tests. This is a technique that I've tried several times within delivery teams in the past, achieving amazing success. AFAIK, this technique was first presented in the book "Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests" by Steve Freeman and Nat Price.

About the Presenter

Over 25 years of experience in software, from embedded systems, aviation, media, retail, to cloud-based enterprise applications. I'm the main author of the Agile Technical practices book. In recent years, I've focused on educating, and inspiring other developers. I coach and mentor. I've spent hundreds of hours doing pairing and mobbing sessions, coaching and tutoring developers at all levels of proficiency.


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