How to build a cloud native application with .NET and AWS

François Bouteruche

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.NET has a long history on AWS. It has been supported for more than 11 years. The AWS SDK for .NET was the first-ever AWS SDK released.

When it comes to building cloud native applications with .NET, you can expect to use the full breadth and depth of AWS services to build modern applications.

In this session, I will introduce key services you can use with .NET to build cloud native applications. Then I will discuss the AWS Toolkit for Rider which brings AWS services into our favorite IDE. Finally I will run a live demo of how to quickly bootstrap a cloud native application leveraging AWS services with .NET.

About the Presenter

François Bouteruche Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

François is currently Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, advocating for .NET and Java developers. He has a PhD in Computer Science. He worked several years in areas related to handwriting recognition and pen-based interfaces, so he’s very familiar with all the real stuff behind the buzzwords “AI” and “Machine Learning”. He led the R&D team at Evodia, the ancestor of Script and Go. In 2010, he joined Orange Applications for Business, a subsidiary of Orange, where he focused on application lifecycle management, agile methodologies, and then DevOps practices. He worked at the technical board of the company and reported to the CTO. After 5 years, he joined Younited Credit at the beginning of its scaling stage to help them move to a public cloud provider and set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery best practices.

Then he worked 3 years at Microsoft France, helping .NET developers – at customers’ companies, at ISVs, and in meetup communities – to get the most out of Microsoft Developer Tools. He joined Amazon Web Services in 2019 to help .NET developers using AWS Cloud to build, test, and deploy efficiently and securely on AWS Cloud.

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