Message processing failed! But what's the root cause?

Laila Bougria

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Teams that are new to building and maintaining distributed systems with messaging are faced with challenges when it comes to investigating failure scenarios. With messages flowing through the system, it's hard to quickly identify where a failure originates from and why it's occurring. Without a call stack to guide you, we need other techniques to keep a good overview.

In this session, we'll navigate how modeling techniques, integration testing, and instrumentation with OpenTelemetry can help you create visibility for your entire distributed system.

About the Presenter

Laila Bougria Software Engineer at Particular Software and knitting addict

Laila Bougria is a software engineer at Particular Software, makers of NServiceBus. She's passionate about software and always looking for patterns, both in code and in yarn. In her free time she loves to knit or crochet and spend time with her kids playing whatever the day brings!

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