Refactoring to Patterns with ReSharper

Zoran Horvat

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From the Gang of Four, we learned to value flexible designs. From Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, and others, we learned to actually flex the design and to value the axes of change. These two concepts – design patterns and refactoring – have been around for over two decades, and yet the combination of the two systems never got a grip in the industry. Why so?

In this demonstration, we will apply refactoring techniques to flex the design and meet the requirements. But as every refactoring needs an end goal that motivates it, you will learn that established design patterns can often be seen as the final design. Through a series of examples, you will learn how refactoring techniques can easily – in particular, thanks to using ReSharper – be applied to introduce design patterns into existing code.

Sample code and slides:

About the Presenter

Zoran Horvat is Principal Consultant at Coding Helmet Consultancy, speaker and author of 100+ articles, and independent trainer on the .NET technology stack. Often found speaking at conferences and user groups, promoting object-oriented and functional development style, clean coding practices and techniques that improve longevity of complex business applications.



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