Remote Pairing

Lorraine Steyn

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Remote pairing is a fabulous combination of highly engaging remote development with high people engagement and collaboration. In this live demo, we will take you through a variety of pairing tools and talk about the challenges and successes of remote pairing in each one.

Pairing solves many of the issues inherent in solo development. These include siloed development, lack of domain knowledge, poor mentoring, and insufficient upfront design. Pairing adds collaboration, knowledge sharing, real-time code review, and improved design.

We are going to role-play various dysfunctions with commonly used pairing tools, as well as present our favorite tools and better ways of working.

Whether you are new to pairing or a long-time fan, we have tons of suggestions for how to make the most of remote pairing.

About the Presenters

Lorraine Steyn Simplifier-in-chief

Lorraine founded the software development company Khanyisa Real Systems (KRS) in 1987. The company now employs around 60 technical staff, and has delivered large bespoke projects for hundreds of clients. Lorraine is a hands-on CEO who spends 3-4 days a week working on production code with her teams, mentoring, assisting with design, and driving quality and learning.

Lorraine has presented on such varied topics as Domain-Driven-Design, compassionate leadership, clean code and refactoring, women in tech, and many agile topics dear to her heart (often based in XP practices).

Lorraine is driven to find better ways of producing code, and then teaching the next generation of developers all our hard-won lessons!

Alain King Problem solver at KRS

Alain is a Director and technical lead at KRS, with a love of training developers and helping them grow. He has spoken at many local meetups and conferences, on subjects including how to create internship programs, Domain-Driven Design, SQL, and many more.

Alain has over 15 years of development experience to share, and if you're not careful, he will also talk about Lego!

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