Unleashing the Power of Cross-Platform Development With Avalonia UI and JetBrains Rider

Mike James

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Join Mike as he delves into the exciting world of cross-platform .NET development, powered by Avalonia UI and JetBrains Rider! This session will demonstrate how Avalonia UI enables you to create sleek, modern applications that run seamlessly across Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and WebAssembly. After discussing Avalonia UI, Mike will showcase how to revitalize legacy WPF applications and bring them to life on macOS and Linux using Avalonia XPF and JetBrains Rider!

Whether you're an experienced .NET developer or just starting your journey, this session is your ticket to embracing the future of cross-platform development.

About the Presenter

Mike James

Mike's career has revolved around helping developers create cross-platform apps, initially using Qt, before joining Xamarin in 2013 and later joining Microsoft. He's now leading Avalonia UI as CEO, continuing his goals of enabling developers to build better apps for every platform using .NET.

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