Summary and Shortcuts

Working with GitLab Merge Requests Summary

As we've seen, we can work with GitLab Merge Requests right inside IntelliJ IDEA. We can see all Merge Requests on a project, filter them or search for a specific Merge Request, perform a code review and add comments, see whether checks have passed and there are no merge conflicts, checkout the branch to run it locally, submit our review and approve the Merge Request, and merge (or close) the Merge Request all from inside our IDE.

IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts Used

Here are the IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts that we used.

Name macOS Shortcut Windows / Linux Shortcut
Open Settings ⌘, Ctrl+Alt+S
Add Account ⌘N Alt+Insert
Show Diff ⌘D Ctrl+D
Compare Next File ⌃⇧→ Alt+→
Compare Previous File ⌃⇧← Alt+←
Hide all windows / Restore windows ⇧⌘F12 Ctrl+Shift+F12
Recent files ⌘E Ctrl+E
Refresh reviews ⌘R Ctrl+F5

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