Modules and Lessons

Modules are logical groupings of lessons. Each lesson can be completed in any order and restarted as many times are you like. Lessons will help you to associate actions and keyboard shortcuts with functionality in the IDE.

How can I work with modules and lessons?

When you click on a lesson it will give you an instruction which is usually a keyboard shortcut. When you use that keyboard shortcut, the code on the right-hand side if the IDE Feature Trainer project will update, so you can see the effect of your changes.

Keyboard shortcuts are matched to your operating system. If you click on a shortcut you can see the associated commands, apply that shortcut manually, or, assign it to a new shortcut: keyboard-shortcuts.png

You can restart a lesson at any time using the Restart icon at the top of the lesson on the right-hand side: restart-icon.png

If you accidentally move your caret in the code view on the right-hand side, you can reset it easily: caret-unexpected-place.png

If you accidentally type something in the code view in the right-hand side, you can reset it easily: unexpected-extra-input.png