The IDE Feature Trainer is a great way to learn about features, workflows and keyboard shortcuts in IntelliJ IDEA. You do not need to complete the modules or lessons in order, allowing you to fit your learning around your schedule.

More Resources

There are lots of places that you can get additional information and resources to help you learn your IDE:

  • Help
    • All the IntelliJ IDEA product documentation.
  • Getting Started
    • Lots of useful resources and additional tutorials.
  • Demos and Screencasts
    • This is Our YouTube channel which includes screencasts, develop interviews and conference videos.
  • Keymap Reference
    • Print this and keep it handy. Yes keyboard shortcuts might slow you down initially, but they will improve your productivity in time.
  • Tip of the Day
    • If you don't like the tip of the day to pop up when you load IntelliJ IDEA, you can click it here when you want to test your knowledge or learn something!

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