The Java questions were only shown to the developers who chose Java as one of their three primary programming languages.

Which versions of Java do you regularly use?

Although Java 10 and 11 have become more popular, Java 8 is still the most used version.

What application servers do you regularly use, if any?

Which frameworks do you use as an alternative to an application server, if any?

This question was only answered by respondents who used application servers or frameworks as alternatives to application servers.

How do you package your web applications?

JUnit is used by 93% of Java devs who do Unit testing, while 51% use Mockito.

What web frameworks do you use, if any?

Spring Boot has become the most popular Java web framework, adding 14% since last year.

Which build systems do you regularly use, if any?

Maven and Gradle continue to be most used build systems.

Which versions of Java EE (EE4J) do you regularly use, if any?

Which IDE / editor do you use the most for Java development?