Startup Class Walkthrough

The beginning of all ASP.NET applications

At the heart of every ASP.NET Core project lies the Startup class, which allows us to configure our application. In this file, we can load configuration, register dependencies, and set the order of our ASP.NET request pipeline.

The first notable method in the Startup class is the constructor, which receives an IConfiguration value. The IConfiguration instance gives us access to the settings found in appSettings.json and appSettings.Development.json.

The next is ConfigureServices, which accepts an IServiceCollection interface. This method allows us to register dependencies and frameworks. In this project, we have added the Razor Pages framework.

Finally, we have the Configure method, which takes two parameters: IApplicationBuilder and IWebHostEnvironment. This method helps us shape our runtime request pipeline from requiring a secure connection, serving static files, and handling request routing.

As ASP.NET developers, we'll often come back to this file as our application needs evolve.

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