Adding a spaceship and asteroid to the scene

Add prefabs to the game scene

Since you're building an Asteroids-inspired game, let's add some well-known elements to the game scene: a spaceship and an asteroid! The assets you added to the game contain some great prefabs you can use.

For the spaceship, locate Prefab4 in the Project tool window. You can search for it or navigate to Assets > Spaceship Fighter > Prefabs. When you drag and drop Prefab4 onto your scene, you'll see the spaceship is massive in scale! No worries, you can edit the spaceship's position, rotation, and scale:

  • Position: X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 0 – Moves the spaceship to the center of the scene
  • Rotation: X: -90, Y: 0, Z: 0 – Will rotate the top of the spaceship towards the main camera
  • Scale: X: 0.016, Y: 0.016, Z: 0.016 – A size that is more proportional to the game scene

Add spaceship prefab to the scene

For the asteroid, find Rock14 (it's in the Assets > BreakableAsteroids > Asteroids folder) and drag and drop it onto the scene. Also, for the asteroid, change the position, rotation, and scale:

  • Position: X: 2, Y: 4, Z: 0 – Moves the asteroid slightly out of the center of the scene
  • Rotation: X: 0, Y: 45, Z: 0 – Rotates the asteroid, making it more visually appealing
  • Scale: X: 1, Y: 1, Z: 1 – The asteroid is just the right size, so you can keep it

When you switch to the Unity Editor's Play mode in the top toolbar, you'll see your game in action!

Add asteroid prefab to the scene

Not much is happening here yet... In the next step, let's add some interactivity!