What have we learned building an asteroids game?

Congratulations! You have built a game scene for an Asteroids-inspired game, where a spaceship and asteroids are rendered on top of a starfield skybox. The asteroids float around in space, and with your spaceship you can fly around and shoot lasers at the asteroids. Well done!

In terms of gameplay, there are many things you could add to the game:

  • A main menu to start a new game (and return to after game over)
  • Audio for the spaceship thrusters, lasers, and explosions
  • Fragment asteroids when they are hit
  • Add different asteroid types
  • Shake the screen when explosions happen
  • Implement power-ups
  • ...

Tip: You can find the source code of this tutorial in our GitHub repository.

The repository contains an evolved version of the game, with audio, extra gameplay elements, and more.

You can play the Asteroids game here.

What gameplay elements would you add? Make sure to leave a comment with your progress!