Godot Community Resources

Community resources that will help you on your Godot journey.

While building this game, I found a wealth of great resources everyone should use. I certainly did, and this game would not have been possible without the Godot community.

Here are some great places to seek inspiration and guidance when starting your Godot journey.

  • Godot Documentation: An excellent documentation site.
  • YouTube: I watched hours of excellent tutorials here.
  • Godot Samples on GitHub: Godot provides samples, and this pong game was ported from the GDScript version.
  • GodotShaders.com: A great place to find resources to add more spark to your games.
  • GDQuest: A library of guidance with any purchases supporting Godot directly.
  • Social Media: I found a lot of great like-minded individuals ready to help.
  • Godot Discord C# channel: This large community is ready to chat and work through issues with you.

These are a few places I used to learn Godot and continue to use to increase my knowledge. I hope you find these resources as helpful as I did.


Download JetBrains Rider Pong from GitHub

Who would have thought we’d be at the end of our tutorial? Hopefully, this is only the beginning of your journey with Godot, the game engine that has a bright future. We used the editor to set up a game from a sketch and then methodically went through and implemented those features using JetBrains Rider and C#. We also learned about Godot programming idioms like signals, exports, and nodes. And here we are, with a fully functional pong game, so what’s next?

Feel free to modify the game with your visual style and flair. While I've included the original repository, I've also created my own special version by adding a retro shader. Try changing the images, or the difficulty of the opponent, or making the game a two-player game. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Please leave comments and feedback regarding this tutorial in the comments section below.