Visual, standalone, bite-sized learning resources organized into different categories.

Empower your `Printf`-like functions with coding assistance
Provide hints and highlights for message formats in custom `Printf`-like functions
Introduce parameters from unresolved references in your code
Change a function or method signature by introducing parameters directly from unresolved references
Create a function in another package
Type a non-existing function name and generate its implementation in a package of your choice
Improve Code Readability and Navigation
Discover how to manage code visibility with code folding in Go
Code coverage for applications
Track code execution and identify dead code effectively
Rename generic receivers along with a generic struct
Rename generic receivers along with a generic struct
Implement an interface
Implement unexported interfaces by pressing Ctrl + I
Create inspections with regular expressions
Use regular expressions to create your own search and replace inspections
Intention action to convert integers to strings
Convert an integer to a string by using the `strconv.Itoa()` call
Convert between different types of strings
Convert strings that are surrounded by backticks to double-quoted ones and vice-versa
Vulnerability checker
Analyze your codebase and highlight known vulnerabilities in go.mod
Code vision
Focus on your code while getting additional information about it.