Visual, standalone, bite-sized learning resources organized into different categories.

Go doc comments in quick documentation
Support for links, lists, and new headings in doc comments.
Integrated Go Playground
You can format and share your code, change the Go version, and run your code using the Go playground server.
Generate '' for a project
Generate '' by using the context menu or a quick-fix with 'replace' directives
Generate tests for generic functions
Use a shortcut to generate test files for your generic functions.
Undo Last Commit
Undo a commit...without misery.
Group multiple `use` directives in ``
Merge multiple `use` directives in `` into one directive.
Run Anything
Launch run/debug configurations, applications, scripts, commands, tasks, and open recent projects.
Rename constants that use reserved names
Rename a constant if it uses a name of a built-in constant.
Changing the font size in the editor
Use a keyboard shortcut to change the font size in the editor.
Delete a type parameter with an empty parameter list
Type parameters with empty parameter lists are reported as errors, but you have a quick-fix to put it right.
Convert empty interfaces to `any`
Check and replace empty interfaces that are used as types or type constraints.
Quick Documentation
View documentation for any symbol without interrupting your workflow.