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Explore project structure with the Dependency Matrix
Exploring project structure with the Dependency Matrix in IntelliJ IDEA
Import project
Importing a project into IntelliJ IDEA
GitLab Merge Requests
Working with GitLab Merge Requests
Contributing to open source software; creating a pull request
Contribute code to someone else's GitHub project with a pull request
Analyzing dependencies
Analyzing dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA
Using bookmarks in IntelliJ IDEA
Getting started with IntelliJ IDEA
My favourite tips for all new starters in IntelliJ IDEA
Package Checker
Find and fix vulnerabilities inside IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
Managing dependencies
Managing dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA
Viewing dependencies
Different ways to view dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA
Marco Codes - Hibernate & JPA Tutorial
Crash course in Hibernate and JPA
Marco Codes - Building a Text Editor
How to build a terminal-based text editor with Java