Summary and shortcuts used

Summary and shortcuts used.


Congratulations, you've successfully migrated the project from the javax namespace to jakarta using IntelliJ IDEA's migration tool. You also updated your persistence.xml file as part of that migration. Here are some helpful links and a summary of the shortcuts we used.

Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links for you to consider when you need to migrate your application from the javax namespace to jakarta:

Shortcuts Used

Here are the shortcuts that we used.

Name macOS Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Rebuild the project ⌘F9 Ctrl+F9
Run the project ⌃R Ctrl+F10
Reload Maven changes ⇧⌘I Ctrl+Shift+O
Display or hide the Project Window ⌘1 Alt+1
Display or hide the Services Window ⌘8 Alt+8