Using bookmarks for navigation

Another way to navigate through code, is to use bookmarks. Press F3 (on Mac) or F11 (on Windows/Linux) to create an anonymous line bookmark.

Anonymous bookmark

To add a mnemonic line bookmark, press ⌥ F3 (on Mac) or Control+F11 (on Windows/Linux). In the popup that opens, select a number or a letter that you want to use as an identifier for this bookmark. Press (on Mac) or Enter (on Windows/Linux) to save the bookmark. To bookmark files, packages, folders, and modules, right-click the item you want to bookmark in the Project Tool Window, and add an anonymous bookmark (F3 (on Mac) or F11 (on Windows/Linux)), or a mnemonic bookmark (⌥ F3 (on Mac) or Control+F11 (on Windows/Linux)).

Select digit for mnemonic bookmark

Mnemonic bookmark

There are several ways to navigate between bookmarks. Press ⌘ F3 (on Mac) or ControlShift+F11 (on Windows/Linux) to open a popup showing bookmarks and select the desired bookmark with the keyboard and press , or select the corresponding digit or letter for a mnemonic bookmark.


To jump straight to a mnemonic bookmark, hold ^ (on Mac) or Control (on Windows/Linux) and press the mnemonic digit or letter on the keyboard.