Summary and Shortcuts

Presenting with IntelliJ IDEA Summary.

Now we know several tricks that will level up our presentation skills with IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts Used

Here are the IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts that we used.

Name macOS Shortcut Windows / Linux Shortcut
Open Preferences ⌘, Ctrl+Alt+S
Open Quick Switch Scheme ⌃` Ctrl+`
Hide all windows ⇧⌘F12 Control+Shift+F12
Open / Close Project Tool Window ⌘1 Alt+1
Open / Close [Commit Tool Window] ⌘1 Alt+1
Open / Close [Terminal Tool Window] ⌥F12 Alt+F12
Open / Close Git Log tool Window ⌘9 Alt+9
Open / Close Run Tool Window ⌘4 Alt+4
Open / Close [Debug Tool Window] ⌘5 Alt+5
Stretch to Left ⌃⌥← Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left
Stretch to Right ⌃⌥→ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right
Stretch to Top ⌃⌥↑ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up
Stretch to Bottom ⌃⌥↓ Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down
Find Action ⇧⌘A Control+Shift+A
Find a class ⌘O Control+N
Go to declaration or usages ⌘B Control+B
Navigate backward ⌘[ Control+Alt+Left
Navigate forward ⌘] Control+Alt+Right
Recent Locations ⇧⌘E Control+Shift+E
Last Edited Location ⇧⌘⌫ Control+Shift+Backspace
Recent Files ⌘E Control+E
Anonymous Bookmark F3 F11
Mnemonic Bookmark ⌥F3 Control+F11
Save Mnemonic Bookmark Enter

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