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HR Tasks

HR work typically involves monitoring and gathering employees' records (work history, absences, etc.) and might also include administering tasks, such as setting up new employees profiles, adding a new office location, or updating employees' positions (titles).


Required permission

Subscribe to absence notifications based on member's location, team, and absence reason

Monitor absences, View absences

View absence history for the entire organization

View absences, (optional: View profile absence reason, View absence approval)

Edit user's absences

View absences, Edit absences, Create or edit past absences

Configure absence types and approval requirements

View absence types, Edit absence types

Member and team management tasks

Administrative tasks


Required permission

Create and Edit Positions

Edit positions

Create and Edit Locations

Edit locations

Add and Edit Public Holidays

Edit locations

Add and Edit Custom Fields

Edit custom fields

Configure Absences

View absence types, Edit absence types

Last modified: 18 August 2021