Annual Highlights

presented a series of global challenges to individuals and organizations alike. Like many other companies around the world, JetBrains and our team needed to change the way we work. We are very proud of our people, who were able to quickly transition to remote operations and continue development on the products and features that were laid out in our roadmaps. Our sales, community, and support teams also worked hard to provide uninterrupted service.


JetBrains continues to grow as a company and increase year-on-year revenue. Our team has worked hard to deliver new and exciting features for our products, brought Space to market, expanded our localization efforts, and continued to contribute to the open source community through Kotlin and more. Let us walk you through some of the highlights.

Thank you for all your support on this journey!

10.1 Million
Developers use and trust our tools
JetBrains Tools
YoY Revenue growth
Fortune Top 100 companies are our customers
Marketplace Plugins
Team members across 9 offices and remote locations

JetBrains Today

JetBrains continued its streak of double-digit revenue growth in 2020 and now has over 1,500 employees across 9 offices.

Location News

Home Office Life

JetBrains successfully transitioned to fully remote operation within one week from the onset of the global pandemic. Team members whose work was severely impacted, such as the events team, were reassigned or joined new projects whenever possible.

To remain comfortable and productive while working from home, all JetBrainers had the option to temporarily take their office furniture and hardware with them. What did our team consider must-haves?

175 chairs
104 monitors
10 system blocks
2 tables
2 printers
1 desk lamp
1 air humidifier
1 microphone

Keeping in touch with our friends and colleagues is important to us. A Friday tradition emerged where we began sharing photographs of our pets to keep our spirits up.

But how about meeting new people? Grab a random coffee! A bot randomly pairs people together and sets them up to meet during the week for a half an hour conversation. Thank you, Donut!

"I’ve found this a useful way to get to know people and better understand what’s going on in the company." - Dmitry Jemerov

Are you interested in joining JetBrains?
Explore our vacancies that include remote working opportunities.



JetBrainers have been able to work on 20% projects and hackathons for a long time now. In 2020 we launched JetBrains Labs, an initiative that supports and nurtures new ideas and new product development.

Everyone at JetBrains is welcome to bring their ideas and start working on them. JetBrains Labs assists in refining the idea, doing market research, building a team, and finding users. We already have some really great projects in the works, so stay tuned!

Home Edition

JetBrains 8th Annual Hackathon

48 hours of limitless freedom to play, create, and test ideas that may go nowhere or might just change the world.

1st Home Edition

5 minutes to present

5 hours a day on average of sleep

7 countries

7 categories

10 cities

13 prizes

16 person sized hackathon team

40 projects finished

48 projects started

48 hours to complete

54 project ideas

155 participants

247 voters

450 hours of online video communication

3,000 commits

22,000 dollars in prizes

Learn more
JetBrains research

JetBrains also supports scientific groups researching a variety of domains from nuclear physics and neurophysiology to robotics and machine learning. JetBrains Research currently unites 18 laboratories, 4 of which emerged during 2020.

Full list of Research Groups

In addition to our free Student License Program, JetBrains collaborates closely with 16 universities in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Novosibirsk, as well as TUM in Munich, MIT in Boston, University of California in Irvine and San Diego, Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, Uppsala University in Sweden, Johannes Kepler University in Austria, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and others.

This year alone we provided more than 50 scholarships for high school students and approximately 200 scholarships for university students. An additional 52 researchers received grants from JetBrains Research for their academic work and to teach in our partner educational institutions in 2020. Overall, they published 79 scientific papers and taught 67 university courses in 2020.

Customer Highlights

JetBrains revenue increased 11% in 2020 powered by 85% growth in China which became the fourth largest market by sales volume. Asia Pacific remains the fastest growing region with a 32% increase.

10.1 Million
developers use and trust our tools


new organizations become JetBrains
customers every day


new individuals become JetBrains
customers every day
Fortune Top 100 companies are our customers

Total number of unique active users from 2016 - 2020 (in Millions)

20163.7 20175.0 20186.0 20198.0 202010.1

Revenue Growth by Region

North, Central, and South America
Europe, Middle-East, and Africa
Asia Pacific

Did you know that the price of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition for companies has remained the same for more than 15 years?

Top 10 Countries/Regions

Paying Customers YoY Growth

1Mainland China144%
4Russian Federation50%
5South Korea48%

Total Active Customers (complimentary + paying)

United States
Mainland China
Russian Federation
United Kingdom

Subscription & Licensing Updates



The Cloud version of JetBrains Space is now available for free and in three paid tiers: Team, Organization, and Enterprise. A standalone version is in the works.



All .NET tools, ReSharper C++, and JetBrains Rider, together in one pack.

WebStorm Database Tools

Starting with v2020.2, you can get a subscription for our database plugin and use it inside WebStorm for a sensible price.

Datalore Professional Plan

Datalore Professional Plan

With Datalore Pro you can prototype models faster with GPU and produce heavy visualizations and computations on a more powerful instance.


YouTrack became free for teams of 10, a more extensive project management tool with Knowledge Base was added, and a new Lite version was introduced.

JetBrains Startup Discount

JetBrains Startup Discount

Good news! The 50% startup discount allows you to purchase multiple products and subscriptions for up to 10 licenses over a period of 5 years. Previously, this was only possible for 3 years.

JetBrains Academy

JetBrains Academy

After a 16-month Early Access Program (EAP), we've moved JetBrains Academy to a subscription model. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available, as well as an option to extend your free 7-day trial by up to 2 months by working through your first project.

A big surprise for our most loyal long-term customers

In celebration of JetBrains 20th Birthday we presented 178 long-time customers with a special gift. Those who’ve been using JetBrains tools for 11+ years without any big gaps in purchases received their own personal lifetime subscription to the JetBrains All Products Pack!

Customer stories

Customer stories

The revamped Customer Success web page features brand-new case studies covering Space, Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, WebStorm, MPS, and our Startup Discount Program.

Fastest Growing Products by Paying Users in 2020











Product Highlights

All IntelliJ-Platform based IDEs now have faster indexing, dynamic plugins, shared indexes, and improved onboarding.

Number of products
Number of plugins

JetBrains Toolbox Updates

JetBrains Toolbox 2020.3

IntelliJ IDEA 2020.3

features interactive hints in the debugger, improves support for Java 15, Spring, and other frameworks, and now officially supports the Lombok plugin. It also introduces a variety of UX improvements, such as the ability to drag and drop tabs, and other new features.

WebStorm 2020.3

comes with Tailwind CSS support, new features for faster navigation, improvements for JavaScript and TypeScript, and many other improvements.

Rider 2020.3

comes with long-awaited support for .NET 5, C# 9, and F# 5. We’ve also introduced new features such as the Immediate window in the debugger, Project Dependency Diagrams, Push-to-Hint, and language support for the Avalonia UI framework. Burst analysis and shader support have been updated for Unity developers, too.

PyCharm 2020.3

introduces a variety of improvements to increase your productivity and code quality. Cloned or imported projects can now be configured in PyCharm 2020.3 with one click. If the project contains a requirements.txt,, environment.yml, or pipfile, PyCharm will set up a proper environment for you. Have an unresolved React component in your code? PyCharm now creates the relevant code construct for you.

RubyMine 2020.3

features improved tab management in the editor, and many more new features for the latest version of Ruby and Rails. There are also new features and improvements for the debugger, terminal, and database tools.

ReSharper 2020.3

comes with support for the latest .NET 5 and C# 9 language updates, Dynamic Program Analysis, a new “Push-to-Hint” visibility mode, and Avalonia UI framework support. ReSharper C++ now provides seamless integration with UnrealHeaderTool and brings control-flow analysis inspections to HLSL shader files.

AppCode 2020.3

is here with Swift localization support, new inspections and intentions, SourceKit-based Go to Declaration, XCFrameworks support, improved refactorings, new debugger features, and more!

PhpStorm 2020.3

introduces support for PHP 8, PHPStan, Psalm, Tailwind CSS, Xdebug 3. All the new features and improvements from WebStorm 2020.3 are also available in PhpStorm 2020.3.

GoLand 2020.3

lets you explore the goroutines dump, run and navigate individual table tests, get more support for the Testify test framework, brings new code editing features, and includes support for time package.

CLion 2020.3

brings significant improvements to key parts of the development process, such as running and debugging applications with the ability to debug as root, the ability to debug core dumps, and introduces unit testing with the new CTest support. For embedded projects, CLion now comes with initial MISRA C and C++ support. Qt users will find new IDE features that are tuned specifically to working with Qt code.

DataGrip 2020.3

includes SQL for MongoDB, Couchbase support, enhancements in the separate editor for values, and new data extractors.

Since many JetBrains users were working remotely in April 2020, we thought it would be a good opportunity to help our friends learn some new languages and frameworks.

Over 16,000 JetBrains subscribers took advantage of our offer for free 90-day access to the JetBrains All Products Pack. Were you one of them?

Pages worth checking out:

Get an IDE to Craft the Best Games

IDEs and team tools trusted by game developers using Unity, Unreal Engine, mobile, and web.

Develop for the Cloud with JetBrains Tools

Are you using AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, or other cloud providers? Read about the integrations between JetBrains tools and the cloud platform of your choice.

JetBrains Tools for Data Science & Big Data

Professional developer tools for data scientists and data engineers.

20 Years of Productive Development with IntelliJ IDEA!

IntelliJ IDEA JetBrains’ flagship IDE, was founded in January 2001 and was one of the first available Java IDEs with advanced code navigation and code refactoring capabilities. By providing the best experience to developers, IntelliJ IDEA was pretty quickly acknowledged and nowadays IntelliJ IDEA is loved and used by more than 4 million developers around the world.

IntelliJ IDEA Today

4 Million
Developers use and trust IntelliJ IDEA
12 Million
IntelliJ IDEA downloads in 2020

Top 5 Countries

by number of users in 2020

  • China
  • United States
    United States
  • India
  • Germany
  • Russia

IntelliJ IDEA Conf 2021

Watch all the recordings from IntelliJ IDEA's 20th birthday celebration!

IntelliJ IDEA Conf, was a free virtual 2-day event that took place February 25-26, 2021. Discover more about IntelliJ IDEA's past, present, and future.

Talk recordings

IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains most popular IDE, is now available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. We have also hired Chinese and Japanese-speaking technical support staff to help when you run into problems.

Featured IntelliJ IDEA plugins

Code With Me

Code With Me

A new service from JetBrains for collaborative development and pair programming. Code With Me enables you to share the project you currently have open in your IDE with others, and work on it together in real time.

IntelliJ Scala

IntelliJ Scala

A powerful and convenient development environment for the Scala language that also supports sbt, Play Framework, Akka, and Scala.js.

IntelliJ Rust

IntelliJ Rust

A plugin that brings the complete IDE experience to the Rust language.

Big Data Tools

A plugin that is tailored to the needs of data engineering.

Big Data Tools Downloads:

in 2020

By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from piloting to operationalizing AI, driving a 5X increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructure according to Gartner research.

Hadoop logo
Spark logo
Zeppelin logo

Big Data Tools allows you to connect Hadoop and Spark clusters and monitor nodes, applications, and jobs. It also brings support for editing and running Zeppelin notebooks, so you can create, edit, and run Zeppelin notebooks without ever having to leave your favorite IDE.

10 years of coding together

PyCharm Celebrates 10th Birthday

PyCharm turned 10 and we celebrated its anniversary together with our users with the ‘10 Years of Coding Together’ campaign. As part of the celebrations, we asked PyCharm users to share their most groundbreaking projects created with PyCharm in the last 10 years and let the community select the ‘10 PyCharm Projects of the Decade’.

View Winners and Projects

The campaign reached over 800,000 users across social media channels with dozens of interesting projects being submitted. On December 16 we announced the winners on the PyCharm YouTube channel.



The Integrated Team Environment

An all-in-one collaboration solution that brings teams together. It combines a toolset for instant communication, software development, and team and project management. Available in our cloud with a free plan for unlimited users.

Space - Lift Off: Public Release Event.

Over 30,000 companies have joined Space already!

Space is the first Enterprise level product by JetBrains completely built on Kotlin. Watch the Kotlin in Space talk.

license requests
1.5 Million
messages sent
code reviews

Partner program

Space has been designed as a platform from day one, both in terms of extensibility and having a partner ecosystem in mind. We have created three partner programs that should cover most partnership business models: channel partnership program, service partnership program, and technology partnership programs. At the time of launch, we already trained and certified 12 partner’s employees to work with Space.

Learn more


The number of plugins in JetBrains Marketplace has almost tripled.

Total number of plugins in our repository
~111 Million
Total plugin downloads in 2020
new plugins
new updates

Get started building new plugins:

JetBrains Platform social media and support channels grew in popularity:


JetBrains Platform Slack reached
1,000 users
(~200 in Feb 2020)


@JBPlatform Twitter account has over
(~1500 in Feb 2020)


IntelliJ Platform Plugin Template is now used in over 500 public GitHub repositories

JetBrains for Education

Today’s fast-paced world pushes us to keep improving and to learn new things every day. And when we follow our inner drive to evolve and advance, we don’t just change ourselves – we change the world for the better, one step at a time.

No matter where you are on your path to mastery, we’ve created products and opportunities to help you develop.

1.3+ Million
students and
1,709 schools
and universities
received 133,037 educational subscriptions for classroom assistance.

Educational Products

Whether you are learning to program or teaching others, JetBrains Educational Products can help you with the process.

  • Educational Products introduced an adaptation of the Rustlings course, which is now available via the EduTools plugin.
  • JetBrains Academy welcomes Kotlin on board!
  • Learn Python with JetBrains Academy: Python joins Java and Kotlin as a programming language that you can learn with JetBrains Academy. The Python Track is ready and waiting for learners!
  • JetBrains Academy’s Subscription Model: After a 16-month Early Access Program (EAP), we've moved JetBrains Academy to a subscription model.

Training courses and bootcamps

JetBrains helped more than 50,000 students get started in their programming career using our best-in-class development tools.

If you teach programming courses, join our Training Support Program! We support instructors and organizers of IT training courses, bootcamps, code schools, and online study programs.

In 2020:

training courses and bootcamps received coupon codes for free JetBrains licenses to share with their students.
students received up to 6 months of free subscription for any single JetBrains IDE and got an additional 25% discount on further renewal of their personal license.

In 2020 we introduced a better way to manage JetBrains coupon codes for training course administrators. Now it’s possible to download JetBrains codes, view their usage statistics and plan the delivery of future code batches in the JetBrains Account.

Kotlin in Education

This year, we connected with Kotlin educators from all over the world. Together we created a video about their teaching experiences and the reasons why they chose Kotlin for education.

We released a Kotlin for Education page for those who already teach Kotlin or would like to start teaching it. We also launched a dedicated #education channel in the Kotlinlang Slack workspace.

Key facts and stats from the internal Teaching Kotlin Study:

  • 22 of the top 100 universities in the Times Higher Education 2020 rankings include Kotlin in their courses.
  • Over 100 top-ranking universities use Kotlin in their courses.
  • 88% of students give their instructors positive feedback about learning Kotlin.
  • 58% of the Kotlin courses we know about are Android app development courses that use Kotlin as a primary language.
  • Kotlin is also used to teach web and server-side development, science, research, algorithms and data structures, competitive programming, and other computer science subjects.
  • Kotlin’s concise and expressive syntax is the favorite feature of Kotlin educators.

Favourite Kotlin Features

17.2%Concise & expressive
7.2%Easy to learn
7.2%Language of Android
7.2%Students like it
3.3%Extension functions

Resources for Kotlin Educators:

Open Source

On the Open Source Contributor Index, where commercial organizations are ranked by the volume of their employees’ year-to-date open source contributions on GitHub, JetBrains came in 18th place for the whole of 2020!



open source projects from the community received 10,593 complimentary licenses for non-commercial open source development.


committers from The Apache Software Foundation and 77 Drupal core contributors received complimentary licenses for their work on open source projects as a part of the special partnership with JetBrains.

More than 5.8 million people have edited Kotlin code in the last 12 months, and the numbers are continually growing.

Number of people who have edited Kotlin code in the last 12 months

2017 - 20181.0M2018 - 20193.5M2019 - 20205.8M

We have over 1.2 million active users – those who regularly edit their code.

450 contributors are working on Kotlin including 90 JetBrains developers.

Our Kotlin communities are also growing rapidly. Over 30,000 Kotlin developers are now exchanging knowledge and supporting each other on Slack and Reddit, and more than 100,000 people follow our official Twitter account for tips, tricks, and announcements. With over 200 user groups worldwide, the Kotlin community is thriving and growing.

Kotlin Online Event:

Number of live views over four days – 23,164
Total number of on-demand views – 120,000+
Kotlin Videos

Kotlin 1.4 was released with a focus on quality and performance! We held the Kotlin 1.4 Online Event to help you get the most out of the changes and improvements introduced in Kotlin 1.4. Watch the talks here.

We've got a bunch of success stories for server-side and KMM.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile went Alpha.

Kotlin for server-side and cloud: frameworks and use cases. Ktor 1.4 is available. Release of version 1.4.0 of the Kotlin Coroutines library.

We've released Dokka (Alpha) on Kotlin 1.4.

Kotlin now has a public roadmap and a new predictable release cadence.

Jetpack Compose for desktop reached its first milestone.

We held three Kotlin Heroes competitive coding rounds in 2020. The most recent one, Kotlin Heroes #5: ICPC Round, took place November 12, 2020.

We found over 100 top-ranking universities that use Kotlin in their courses, including Stanford University, Imperial College London, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins University, and UCLA. For an interactive map and the full list of universities, go to the Kotlin for Education page.


Support Programs

User Group Support Program

user groups from 87 countries around the world distributed a total of 12,829 licenses.

Developer Recognition Program

Google Developers Experts, Java Champions, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, ASPInsiders, and Docker Captains received complimentary All Products Packs.


More than 27,000 people watched live JetBrains online events with more than 170,000 viewing the recordings throughout the year.

JetBrains webinar series

Total number of public webinars
Total number of live viewers
Total minutes viewed
Total recording views
Total engagements
Reseller webinars

JetBrains Connect

JetBrains Connect is a YouTube series about people, technology, sharing, and learning. It brings experts and thought leaders together for an online discussion of topics from across the technology landscape. JetBrains Connect invites guests from outside of JetBrains to talk with our own experts, who along with the host, Paul Everitt, will discuss and debate today’s hot technology topics.

JetBrains Connect

Special online events

JetBrains .NET Days Online

A free virtual event that took place on May 13–14, 2020. We invited 12 community speakers to talk about the topics they are passionate about, from C# and F# to coding practices like refactoring, web, cloud, GraphQL, and even setting up a blog.

  • Live viewers:
  • Total watch time:
    ~5.2K (hours)
  • Total recording views:
  • Total engagements:
JetBrains .NET Days Online

JetBrains Technology Day For Java

A free virtual event that took place on July 10, 2020 and was supported by more than 50 community partners. We invited 11 community speakers to talk about the topics they are passionate about: Modern Java, Frameworks, Testing, Concurrent Garbage Collectors, Contributing to OSS, and much more.

  • Live viewers:
  • Total watch time:
    ~5.5k (hours)
  • Total recording views:
  • Total engagements:
JetBrains Technology Day For Java

TeamCity Technology Day 2020

A free virtual event for customers and users of TeamCity. It featured a full day of talks and discussions from TeamCity product team members, expert users, and partners. The agenda included product roadmap presentations, talks on best practices, in-depth concept demonstrations, and key use-case walkthroughs.

  • Live viewers:
  • Total watch time:
    ~700 (hours)
  • Total recording views:
  • Total engagements:
TeamCity Technology Day

JetBrains Knowledge Day 2020

JetBrains Knowledge Day was a unique educational event held by JetBrains in partnership with the ICPC. The event took place on November 6, 2020.

In a series of presentations by our team members, participants learned about performance tuning in CLion and IntelliJ IDEA, the advantages of Kotlin for algorithmic problem-solving, the benefits of using our Educational Products, and much more!

JetBrains Knowledge Day 2020

JetBrains Productivity Day South Korea

A free virtual event that took place on November 24, 2020. We invited 5 online and offline Korean influencers and 7 JetBrainers to talk about how to be productive in their personal and professional life with JetBrains tools.

Kotlin 1.4 Online Event

A free 4-day virtual event that was held on October 12–15. There were 17 live and pre-recorded sessions (15–40 min each), most of them held by internal Kotlin speakers (2 sessions were delivered by external speakers from Google (on Android) and VMware (on Spring).

Product-specific Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions