Building Microservices with Dapr and .NET

Cecil Phillip

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Building distributed applications is not an easy thing to do. Breaking down your application into a collection of focused services comes with a completely different set of challenges. This is where DAPR can help us out. It provides a runtime and a collection of building blocks that can be used with any language or on any cloud. In this session, we’ll dive into DAPR, discuss the various building blocks it supports, and see some demos of how you can make use of it in your .NET applications.

About the Presenter

Cecil Phillip Cloud Developer Advocate at Stripe

Cecil Phillip is a software developer who’s been around the .NET space for some time. Over his career, he’s worked in different roles and created software solutions for various industries such as finance, education, HR, and healthcare. Today, he's a Developer Advocate at Stripe, where he helps developers incorporate payment processing in their applications.

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