Refactoring Code with ReSharper

How to safely refactor code, without breaking the build? Let's have a look.


Refactoring is the process of restructuring code to improve readability and future maintainability.

ReSharper comes with a large set of automated solution-wide code refactorings that let you to rename, move, and safely delete symbols; introduce and inline fields, variables, or parameters, and carry out many more transformations painlessly - without breaking your code's logic!

Refactorings exist for almost all the languages supported by ReSharper. Using the Refactor This... action, you get access to all available refactorings in the current context.

Some refactorings can be applied inline, without invoking any commands. If ReSharper sees a code change that could be an intention to refactor the code, the Refactor This action is shown in the gutter on the left-hand side of the editor. You can use this action and apply the refactoring with ease.

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