Cloud (Azure) in Rider

Using the Azure plugin in Rider, and working with Azure Functions.

Cloud Support

Rider has plugins available to work with different clouds. The Azure Toolkit for Rider gives you support for Azure, and the AWS Toolkit for Rider does the same for AWS.

Azure Toolkit for Rider

The Azure Toolkit for Rider brings Azure into Rider. It has an Azure Explorer, where you can browse web apps, function apps, virtual machines, databases, and storage accounts.

Azure Cloud Shell support is there as well, so you can connect to a remote terminal in Azure and work with in from within Rider.

For Azure Functions, basic management of function apps is supported. Coding function apps is more fun with Rider: there are file templates to create new function triggers, you can debug functions, and invoke separate functions easily.

AWS Toolkit for Rider

The AWS Toolkit for Rider is an open source plugin for Rider. It's not covered in this tutorial, but there are many examples on the AWS Toolkit for Rider website.

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